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Dating in Salt Lake City can be difficult. Your search for casual sex can seem even more complex in modern, beautiful, but strict town in the center of Utah. Ladies here are very pretty, but often they are either taken or extremely religious (the Mormon faith is prevalent here). Still, with a little bit of luck and knowledge, you’ll be able to meet women here easy! Browsing SLC personals are the key to sex & dating around you, but it’s vital to know which services to use. Fortunately, we’ve created this list of the best SLC personals and dating websites to help you find love, or just go on a sex date! By using the websites on our list, you’ll easily be able to find one night stands and relationships with girls in Salt Lake City, so take advantage of all The Crossroads of the West has to offer!

№1 Benaughty Has Personals for Simple SLC Sex

If you want to skip rituals that go with dating and just right to the sex, place your trust in BeNaughty! This website will help you easily meet Salt Lake City singles & hook up in the capital of Utah! Many girls are looking for some adult action on this website, so find a pretty lady tonight!

№2 TenderFling Is the Best Website for Dating in Salt Lake City

This site has many personals of W4M in Salt Lake City. If you want to find a pretty girl to form a personal connection with, then skip the other sites and use TenderFling. Bonus – many girls in your town and neighborhood use this website, so you won’t have to worry about limited options!

№3 Salt Lake City Singles on

This site is made for flirting! While you can find SLC sex on here, it’s primarily for dating rather than hookups. While not as many girls like to use this service as use TenderFling, it’s still a good resource for personals.

№4 Seeking Arrangement: a Different Kind of Service

Seeking Arrangement is different from other services with Salt Lake City personals. Rather than focusing on relationships or SLC sex, this site’s focus is money. That’s right – the newest way to have sex is by becoming a sugar daddy! If you have the money and want to give it a try, but it looks questionable at best.


No matter if you want to have sex in Salt Lake City, go on a date, or just chat with a girl, you’ll find a purpose for FlirtLocal. The site has a lot of members, but it also has had fake accounts reported, so your results may vary.

Sex in Sault Lake City Happens More Than You May Think

Salt Lake City

Finding a girl who’s DTF in a Mormon town can definitely be a challenge, mainly because of how strict some Salt Lake City girls are. However, even though they’re strict many of these girls are still willing to drink. Alcohol is known to make people more willing to hookup, so you will probably have better luck at bars or clubs than walking up to girls on the street. Downtown has the most bars & clubs, so this is where you’ll want to spend most of your time.

As we mentioned, A LOT of girls in SLC are religious, so finding a cute girl nearby who is willing to hook up is a lot like trying to find a needle in a haystack. It’s doable but probably not worth the effort. Fortunately, online dating acts as a filter, showing you only the active and available ladies. Hookup sites are full of girls who just want to have sex, while dating sites can be a mix of both. Either way, it is way easier to find a pretty lady online than by walking down the street, so we highly recommend checking out the services on the list above!