5 tricks to help you pick up any woman you fancy

pick up any woman

There’s one thing you need to get into your mind – mutual attraction isn’t all to do with looks. Never think that a particular female is out of your league where potential sex is concerned. It would be far more important to approach dating with an open mind, telling yourself you have just as much to bring to a relationship as anyone else.

Think of a potent icebreaker

The key aspect of instigating a connection is making a strong first impression. Approach the girl you like with an inviting smile and an upright stance, and look her firmly in the eye. What you say next is crucial. Don’t come out with some banal platitude that just screams ‘cliched pick-up line.’ So forget about “do you come here often?” and think of something far more personal. Tell her that you love her dress sense/hairstyle/perfume/eyes. Say you adore all of these things and more. Crack, and introduce some shameless flirting.

The most powerful tool of all – your sense of humor

While there may be some superficial females who assume that someone with a gym-honed physique will be perfect boyfriend material, in many instances they’ll also discover that many am apparent ‘Adonis’ also possesses all the charisma of a wet paper bag. More girls will be into guys who can engage with them in the longer term, males with some history, and riveting stories to tell. Above all, men who can make them laugh. If you can keep a girl’s spirits raised with self-deprecating humor and flirty asides, you’ll keep her captivated.

What are your intentions? Always be direct

Never beat about the bush. Honesty is always the best policy. Even in the initial stages of conversation, when there might be a tendency to fall back on meaningless small talk, put your cards on the table. Tell her you have approached her because you are entranced by her wonderful smile and were overcome by an urge to sweep her off her feet.

Females adore compliments – so learn how to give them

Even the sexiest woman will have a degree of self-doubt. She might exude sensuality, but inwardly she’ll be no different to anyone else and might be fretting about her choice of clothes, or her make-up. So telling her that she looks terrific will not only boost her self-esteem, it will make her see you as someone she can trust, a person she can rely on. From your point of view, there are so many ways you can compliment her, from praising her fashion to warming to her personality. Each positive comment you make will increase your value to her.

Make the conversation light – but engaging

Don’t divulge deep secrets you might be harboring, about a spell in rehab, or a toxic relationship experience you’ve had. These admissions can come later. Keep the tone relaxed – and above all, interesting.

How you can easily pick up girls in 5 situations

Here are 5 areas where you might come across prospective partners, and how you should approach each situation to guarantee to make the best impact.

Choose the most relaxed settings – cafes, bars, parties

If you’re looking for single females to approach, choose a location where the atmosphere is always relaxed. Places where people congregate for refreshments and friendly chat are perfect. You can engage in conversations with the girl at the next table without this appearing unnaturally intrusive.

Project an air of calm assurance

Always come across as confident, and if you are feeling any trepidation, hide it.

Always come across as genuine

Don’t use chat-up lines that sound forced or cliched. Your topics of discussion should appear unique, original, and from the heart.

Rejection isn’t the end of the road – it’s the start

If things don’t work out with a particular female, swiftly move on. Never dwell on past disappointment, and learn from any mistakes you made.

Embrace technology – online flirting is the future

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