Some Hookup Etiquette You Should Put Into Practice


You may have probably carried out some findings of what and how to do with your partner during intimacy. It may also have caused you to indulge in watching porn. However, porn only has less to offer after watching it when it comes to hooking up since porn only concentrates on sex alone.

When you visit a lady who has invited you in return, certain post-coital etiquette should be put into practice. It will help show you are a real lover and help to convince her of your decency. Here are some of the hookup etiquette you need to follow

Be Safety-Driven 

Whenever you are planning to engage in sexual activity, you should make provision for every necessary supply. One of the things that spoil this amazing moment is ill preparation. You should be aware that unsafe sex is unhealthy and a sign of disrespect in certain scenarios.

This is regardless if you meet on a free hookup site. One of your foremost concerns should be protected at all times. Risking a woman’s health by pulling off a condom for a few minutes’ thrill is not worth it; safety first. People should be most concerned with this during intimacy, especially if you are meeting a lady from a free hookup site. 

Avoid Being Shy 

You cannot feed a mouth that isn’t opened. If you wish to carry out an act or crave something and want your partner to do it for you, simply ask. If your request is turned down, that shouldn’t make you feel bad. For example, if a man craves to have oral sex, enquiring about his partner is the best choice.

There is no need to force her head down to ensure your needs are satisfied and vice versa. You should not also expect him to know what you want magically. If you crave a specific sexual act, speaking up is always the best idea. 

Provision of Condom 

Women are generally faced with lots of challenges, ranging from everyday pills, pain from a monthly mensural cycle, as well as pregnancy prevention with routine shots. The provision of condoms is one of the least things a man can do to prevent STIs and pregnancy. Provide a condom that isn’t an old one with an old wrapper that has been in the wallet for months. Each of your condoms should be brand new. 

Getting Rid of The Condom 

When you are done, be informed that disposing of the used rubber should mainly be your responsibility. You should endeavor not to leave the spill for him or her to clean up. Apart from being irritating, it is also disrespectful. The disposal shouldn’t just be to dump it in the waste bin for all eyes to see but also ensure to get it wrapped in a tissue or other available material before dumping. 

Wearing other when either of the parties in the bathroom

Having no dress on when she’s in the bathroom often doesn’t speak well. First, her friends or others could bump in without knocking. Since anything is possible, the least, you should have on a boxer or a pant to ensure you are not fully naked. 

Gentlemanliness is key

There is no extent to stress this specific hookup etiquette. Being a gentleman is proportional to being courteous. Just because you met on a free hookup site doesn’t hand you the license to maltreat jet as you please. Remember, just like you, she is a human who seeks to have some pleasure. Therefore, treat her with the utmost respect.

Avoid making the mistake of talking about other scenarios you have going on with others you have hooked up with. There is no other way to this that’s outright disrespect. Even if you have others to hook up with, you should endeavor to complement her via a text after a meet. Express the nice time you had with her even if the entire moment with her was boring.

This will help her feel more of a person and not make her feel like a used object. Hookup may generally be termed a relationship for sex, but it is still a relationship even if it will last for hours. Treat her with respect for the sake of everything you have during those moments.