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Finding a girlfirend to mingle can be a challenge. As the most northeastern state with a rocky coastline & complicated less-than-ideal weather, ME definitely isn’t on most people’s mind as an excellent place for casual sex. Don’t let this deter you, though – it truly is a great state to meet adult women nearby for a one night stand! There are actually many paid (& free) dating sites, so we’ve made a list of the best Maine dating sites. Get laid easily (or find love) no matter if you’re in Greater Portland area or up in Kennebec County!

№1 Other Dating sites Don’t Compare To

Flirt makes it easy to form a connection with a cute girl in Maine. This adult dating website definitely takes a personal & loving approach, so while it might not be the best place for hookups, it is always the perfect place to find love!

№2 Quickly Finds You a Sex Date!

The opposite of any platform used to find love, this website makes it super simple to find hookups in Maine. This site is all about one night stands, so no other service can compare!

№3 Is Another Great Site For Mingling

While you can definitely find dates on NaughtyDate, many users actually just want something mainly physical. This site is way better than other services because you can get laid AND find a discreet lover!

№4 – Old-School Maine Hookups

Much different from other websites, it takes a simpler approach & only allows listings, not full dating profiles like on other sites. This definitely makes it easier to use than other free dating sites in Maine. Still, you don’t know who you’re talking to, so it’s important to constantly watch out for scammers.

№5 Is a Dating Site In Maine Made for Lovebirds

While (like any other dating website) you can find girls on here who are just looking for sex, the main purpose of a platform is to start matching. POF has many users, so finding love might be easy, but getting laid on this dating site in Maine will not be as simple.

Great sex in Maine

Maine is a big state, with a less popular Northern tip & a very busy Southern end. The type of people will vary by location, but generally, ME girls are all easy-going (if somewhat blunt) & will show interest or put out very quickly. They love to meet people from other places! Being an outsider or a foreigner is a ticket to getting laid with ease. Since the southern area (around Portland) has the most people, it will definitely be the best spot for you to go to get laid. There are a few colleges in the area, so there will be no shortage of girls here. Something to note is many students that go to college here are actually from out-of-state, so if you want a true Maine girl, you will have to ask beforehand.

A Simple Way About How to Find a Hookup in Maine


Getting laid (or dating) isn’t very tricky because there are always a lot of younger women in each town. However, most of the cities are relatively small. And Maine’s idea of a “city” is what you’d think of a large town, so this can be a problem because pretty girls will often be taken. Fortunately, there are always loads of single women at the bar, so this shouldn’t be an issue. If you don’t enjoy the hunt & want a better way to find single ladies, then Maine’s online dating sites are the best way to do it. Many hot chicks use these platforms to go on a fun, intimate adventure, & you won’t have to waste any money or time on a girl then find out she’s already taken.