Handy Guide to Portland Hookups

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Ah, Portland, Oregon. Also known as The City of Roses or Rose City, this city seems like a comfortable place to find a hookup, a date, or casual encounter. There are a lot of strip clubs you can check out in town, but once you get bored of those and decide you want sex date, then you’re faced with the challenge of finding the best place to find hookups. Of course, you can always go to nightlife venues and check out the local beverages. Still, if you want to get laid easily, you’re much better off using one of the many Portland dating sites. Naturally, like any other city, there are a lot of different platforms to choose from, but it’s easy to stay one step ahead of the competition. In this list, we’ll be going over some of the best dating sites in Portland to help you find love, get laid, and more!

№1 Dating with Flirt.com

This website focuses on forming a personal connection between lovers. If you’re looking to start dating in Oregon, then this is the website made for you. Or pursue one night stands – Flirt.com perfectly succeeds in delivering pleasure to guys who want to go on casual dates with women nearby.

№2 TenderFling – The Source of Chat Rooms in Oregon

If you’re looking to find chat rooms in Oregon, TenderFling has got you covered. The girls on this website are looking for a spicy, adult relationship, so while it’s definitely for casual sex, it is a great way to start local dating if you feel the connection with a compatible partner.

№3 Naughtydate.com Is the Sex Place Where W4M Thrive

Use NaughtyDate if you’re looking for sex in Oregon. This site is where locals hang out when they are bored and want to get laid. When you’re seeking casual encounters, remember to give this website a try.

№4 AdultFriendFinder.com

This site tries too hard to be a Craigslist. Local personals and state’s personals are posted all over this service. But the question is – are they real? Maybe you’ll be satisfied enough with the explicit content they have.

№5 SE Makes It Easy For Singles To Find A Sugar Daddy

Seeking Arrangement is a solution brought to ladies who want a sugar daddy. If you happen to be fairly wealthy, then this can make dating in Portland very easy! Just make sure to get to know your girl before you drop a lot of money on her because (like anywhere else) some local “singles” will, unfortunately, be scammers.

Dress to Impress and Date Enough to Have Sex in Portland


Getting laid in Portland might seem like a challenging task, but it won’t be too hard! As always, you can meet Oregon singles IRL in places like the Pearl District, but to get the best experience, you will probably want to stick to online dating. Girls here love to drink and party at night, so expect to find many in clubs in the evening. If it’s daytime, many pretty women flock to the local cafes to get their daily coffee fix. Some other worthwhile daytime places to check out include Clackamas Town Center & the Eastport Plaza, two local shopping malls.

You can undoubtedly find single women in Portland if you know where to look. Single ladies can often be found at a shopping center, a cafe, or downtown during the daytime. At night, many will be partying near the Pearl District, so that’s a great place to bar hop. Of course, you won’t be alone, as many other men will be trying the same thing. For the best results, give online dating a try. You won’t have any guys hitting on the same girl, meaning there’s less competition or stress. Plus, different Portland dating sites are for other goals, so a hookup service will have different girls than a full dating site. This makes it extremely easy to find a pretty woman who’s looking for the same thing as you are.

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