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Are you constantly looking for a friend with benefits, but you’re not having much luck? You’re actually not alone, and we’re here to help! It is the largest city in Nebraska, so there’s definitely a lot of competition. If you’re thinking about trying online dating in Omaha, then this list of the best sites in the city is just what you need! Read on to learn where to find singles, how to start dating online, & everything about online matchmaking!

№1 Is the Go-To Site for Dating

It’s time to shine! Omaha hookups are arranged in a second at out #1 platform, but there’s more: this site can also be used to form a personal connection with a special lady. Horny & interested gals don’t use just any service. They use this platform because it’s actually one of the few trusted adult dating sites focusing both on romance and casual sex. Place your trust in Flirt, & find love easy!


If you are looking to have a sex date right away, ONF is definitely the way to go. This site is full of various girls willing to skip the dates & jump immediately into bed. Fun time is only a click away on this website!

№3 Casual Mingling at NaughtyDate is Perfect

You can find love here much like on other services. But this platform tends to be more for guys & girls looking to have passionate sex. Hundreds of thousands of people are waiting for you to make a move, so instead of wasting your time, get laid with this site!

№4 DoubleList

If you’re looking for sex, then you probably considered Doublelist. With a simple layout, this “dating” website uses ads & personals to connect users with each other. This means getting laid only requires a quick look through the personals section. Still, unfortunately, much like Craigslist, you will have to watch out for various scammers & weirdos as you will have no idea who you are actually meeting up with.

№5 Everyone Knows Tinder

Although this app is known for catfishing, it’s still an essential part of any dating service list. While the ladies you meet here probably won’t be interested in taking a riverboat tour down the Missouri River, they will definitely be interested in Omaha casual encounters or becoming friends with benefits.

Don’t be the Only Guy Without Sex in Omaha

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With a bit of luck, it should be easy to get laid in the seat of Douglas county. While this city isn’t exactly known for vibrant & active nightlife, you should still be able to meet a lot of pretty girls if you stick to the Old Market nightlife district. The district has a lot of bars & nightclubs, so if you prefer to meet women the old fashioned way, then this is where you’ll have to go. If you decide to look for women in the daytime, you probably won’t have much luck, as unfortunately the only places we can really recommend are the various local malls.

How to Find A Hookup in Your City

Like we mentioned above, it is definitely possible to find a girl for Omaha hookups by going out in the city, but your options are limited to nighttime. During the day, you’ll only be able to find girls at the malls. This certainly isn’t great, but that’s what online dating is for! We’ve looked over a wide variety of platforms, so we could recommend only the best sites from our list. Internet matchmaking is great because you can do it at any time, it works day and night for any relationship you wish to discover, and it won’t waste your time & money!

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