The Popularity of Texting Dating Sites Between Singles

Texting dating sites

Not so long ago, texting was considered to be something only suitable for 20-year-olds. But it’s no more the case between men and women. With the dominance of mobile phones over different aspects of our life, people of all ages now use this potential to find dates and keep in touch with them.

For many singles, texting dating sites are the perfect place to practice flirting and chatting skills. They use it to master the necessary skills for online dating and increase their success rates while looking for their ideal match. Overall, chatting is highly essential for online daters.

Best Websites for Texting Dating

It might give you much hassle to find the best texting dating website with good features. But we’ve handpicked some of these websites that have achieved excellent reputation over the past years:

okcupid main page

This one is a functional dating website with a large user base that allows members to find matches using personality compatibility criteria applied to their search. OkCupid was initially launched in 2004 and listed in the list of Top 10 dating sites of Time Magazine in 2007.

zoosk main page

Zoosk is one of the best places for all kinds of relationships. The website doesn’t separate serious relationship seekers from those looking for casual dating or friendships. Thanks to the ‘Dating Insight’ and ‘SmartPick’ features, like-minded men and women with higher compatibility for a relationship will be brought together.

Tinder main page

Tinder is an online community that has you covered with whatever you’re after. Let it be flings or long-term relationships; you can find a like-minded single on this platform that lives around you. Tinder is famous mainly for its “swiping for matches,” an innovative approach to quickly seeing matches.

What Is Texting Dating Exactly?

Texting dating sites

The most important thing to mention here is that you should not confuse texting with dating. Sufficing to text as the primary means of communication shows signs of not wanting to know your date seriously. In other words, receiving some lines of texts from someone on a dating site doesn’t mean that you’re having a relationship.

From another point of view, many men and women enjoy receiving validation from online admirers. Similarly, some singles get this feeling of validation from getting matches on dating sites and chatting with them. This behavior is a result of social culture spread across the world.

While many consider this sole behavior flirting, incorporating that with regular calls and arranging dates is highly desirable. People who have accurate information on their profile that reflects who they are and make positive actions for their dating life to find a healthy relationship are suitable matches for texting.

How to Meet a Local Soulmate by Texting Dating Sites?

Texting dating sites satisfy the needs of all levels of seriousness. So, try to be open to opportunities while using them.

You should never underestimate the power of texting. Sometimes even the simplest messages can do wonders to impress your potential partner. You can take certain actions to turn your match on texting dating sites into a real-life date.

First of all, spend some time filling out your bio. An empty bio won’t give your potential match any ideas of what to say to you and keep the conversation going. Set your intentions and interests in your bio to make things clear up front.

When trying to contact someone, don’t use “hey” as an opening message. Instead, do your best to make it stand out and engage the other person in a conversation. For example, you can look at their profiles and say something about what they have stated about themselves.

Real Tips to Be Successful on Texting Dating Sites

Texting dating sites

Make your sentences short and check for spelling mistakes. Especially, avoid typing words in odd ways many people now use. We can now see strange replacements for some words, including “lyk” for “like,” “dis” for “this,” and “gm” for “good morning.” It’s worth spending a few more minutes to type the words completely and correctly.

Never overload your messages with texts and questions. Picture opening your messages and seeing five questions in one single message! No one wants to date a clingy character who constantly floods their inbox. So, try to wait before replying to the messages you receive or before sending a new message.

To achieve higher success on texting dating sites, consider phone calls as well. Seeing that the person is sending you texts doesn’t mean they can also take calls at the moment. However, make sure to give them prior notice before dialing making a call.

The Registration Process

You can have a profile on the texting dating sites we mentioned here in seconds. These texting dating sites usually ask you to enter a valid email address upon registration and then confirm your account using the link you receive in your box.

Once done, you’ll be allowed to start browsing the website and user profiles. However, completing your profile is highly recommended by filling out your details in the provided fields and answering the questionnaires and personality tests.

The Features for Sending Messages and Chatting

These websites offer many communication features to delight the members. Among them, messaging and chatting are the main means. Statistics show that millions of messages are exchanged on these platforms every single day.

To make these services safer for real members, the website owners limit the total number of messages people in the free plan can send and receive. On the other hand, purchasing a fee-based membership will unlock unlimited messaging and other perks such as profile boosts.

How to Choose the Best Texting Dating Sites?

Texting dating sites

Going after the best texting dating site for the relationship you seek might be a big challenge with so many options to choose from. So, here’s a quick guide to making a better choice.

  • Check for real user reviews about the website’s features, security, support team, etc. The reviews on Trustpilot or other trustworthy forums give you enough clues to judge how the website functions.
  • Security and privacy concerns are also of high importance. The reliable dating platforms are equipped with up-to-date safety protocols and options to give you peace of mind while using their services. Plus, some moderators step in when a user faces issues of different kinds.
  • Another aspect to consider is the variety of contact features on the website. While some websites only support basic features, others allow you to find your match with various filters, games, etc. The more features you can use, the better chances you have for success.

The Advantages of Texting Dating Sites

Texting can make your online dating experience more enjoyable. Here are some of the advantages it brings to you:

  • Texting is quick. You type what you want to say, and your partner reads them within seconds. It’s widely used as a common form of communication, and literally, everyone knows how to use it nowadays. It’s also inexpensive and easy to use, allowing you to enjoy it without requiring an expensive smartphone or laptop.
  • It’s a secure way of getting in touch with a stranger you don’t know. You can take the first steps to know them and find out about their intentions without sitting across the table from them.
  • The texting dating sites are the perfect complement to real dating. You can use them as the first steps of meeting someone new, updating them about your status, clarifying plans, etc. Similarly, texting is good for quick notes and sending wishes to your match.


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