Hookup culture: the lifestyle that it involves

couple in love

The culture that has become prevalent among adults of today’s world and the western world is engaging in uncommitted sexual affairs. This culture is more prevalent among college students, as it is seen as part of the college experience and life.

Hookup is an intimacy had with someone without getting romantic or emotional feelings involved. Hookup is always physical and doesn’t give room for connections, which can instigate each other’s emotional feelings. Hookup can come in kissing, oral, vaginal, anal, or any form of sexual intimacy. In most cases, the parties involved in hooking up barely know each other. 

Some might meet in the club, birthday, or get-together party for the very first time; some might just get to connect on free hookup sites and get to meet each other for a one-night stand. The intention is just to fulfill each other’s sexual urge. Hookup is always brief, taking place within short minutes to some hours in a day.

The hookup culture has been seen as a norm among college students, and it has widely spread out of the college to the contemporary outside college. Young adults see no big deal in it neither do they take any form of shame from it. It has been taken as a form of pleasure to get their sexual appetite fed without needing to get committed to one person, which may be a burden due to the two’s emotional involvement.

Why the hookup culture?

What are the main motives behind the hookup culture among college students? Most young ones believe that getting into a serious relationship is not the best for them as they don’t know much about what relationship and romantic affairs enshrine and calls for. They believe that the best way they can navigate through the world of relationship and love sharing is by first getting themselves involved in a casual relationship as college students. 

For some, the intention for engaging in the hookup culture is that dating will get them entangled and may serve as some hindrance to their academics. Simultaneously, some of these college students opined that they are too young to be committed to dating, and their college mates do not date.

This culture has made the rate of dating among young people to be drastically reduced. They conceived that dating is all about sex, and once they can have a series of partners, both physically or through free hookup sites, there is no reason to get committed.

Pros and cons of the hookup culture

Hookup culture has pleasure which has drawn a large number of students to get involved in it. In the same way, it has its side effect, which can make most regret the action later on after experiencing the casual sex encounter.


  • You don’t need commitment to anyone or get emotionally involved.
  • You have sex with anyone you want to.


  • There is a high tendency to contract different forms of sexually transmitted infections. The reason being that you don’t know the state of health of the person you are having sex with.
  • Hookup culture euphoria can lead to emotional and psychological injury or trauma which may be hard to recover.
  • For ladies, it can lead to unwanted pregnancy, which may bring about shame and a halt to academics.
  • It can as well lead to sexual violence. If you are dealing with a drug addict or drunkard, you will; be sexually violated.

Why is hookup culture on the increase?

Hookup culture has been on the increase among adolescents and adults due to the company they associate with. What their friends are doing, they don’t want to be left out of it. For some, it is peer pressure that pushed them into involving themselves, and as a result, it keeps increasing and has been taken as part of life for young adults.

To stay out of the pressure of your college mates exploring their sexual activeness and talking about it in your presence, you can get to meet safe strangers through free hookup sites; it is free to try. There you will meet lots of your college mates who want to hook up without any involvement of emotional intimacy and who you most likely will not get to meet or see regularly or at all.