Best Ideas and Tips for Couples to Initiate Sex

couples to initiate sex

There are several ways to create bonds with your partner, but one avenue of fulfillment can cause serious damage to all other areas. If sex is a problem in your marriage, heartbreaks remain a possibility. Aside from having stressful, sexless marriages, there is always a requirement to keep things spontaneous yet not too surprising or unorthodox. Learning how to initiate sex with your wife, not only to get some more often but to keep her feeling loved. Maintaining the interests of a partner you found on the best sites for MILF dating is important. Keep in mind initiating sex should be carried out in subtle, smooth, and sexy ways, not overly aggressive. Try out a few of the methods below to spice up your love life. 

Best Tips on Initiating Sex with a Wife or Hubby

Before diving into the ins and outs of soliciting sex from a partner, let’s examine underlying assumptions. For starters, soliciting, rather than initiating sex from a partner, should be informed. It means learning how to initiate lovemaking with a husband by accounting for his likes and dislikes. The opposite is also true, meaning your wife boasts specifics that will either gross her out or have her pulsating with horniness. 

  • Use Texts: When in doubt, use platforms that you encounter and engage daily. Send her a naughty text from the office, or do the same from the bedroom, while she’s watching a soap opera. These subtle ways can leave you wondering what took you so long. It could have been precisely what she was waiting for. 
  • Throwback: Remember old times and use nostalgia to bring back the heat. Try remembering what used to be an instant turn-on for your wife or hubby and apply that today. Not everything you did as a teenager should be replicated in its entirety, but you can tailor it to suit current needs. 
  • Verbalize desires: If you know your partner well enough, chances are you know what turns her on verbally. Make naughty suggestions using dirty talk and turn her frown upside down. You can also sext her while she is at work or do the same while she’s in the bedroom. Verbalize it using a video call, or make it abundantly clear you want to make love to her – now. Approaching her from the back and grabbing her while whispering, ‘how about a quickie’ can work wonders. 
  • Nudity: Going commando works wonders when alone with your wife, and you can get instant results if you do it correctly. Jump onto the wrong side of the bed (hers/his) when naked. If that doesn’t turn her on, perhaps you should shave.
  • Prop It up: Use sex toys to spice things up, and remember to play it safe when BDSM is involved. Find time to purchase a few sex toys and introduce them into your room to initiate sex. See, you don’t need to say much or anything at all – the toys speak for themselves. It is how to initiate sex with your husband as well. 
  • Lather up: Sneak up behind her or him as they shower and watch spark fly in the bathroom. You will be surprised to know plenty of water tanks have been drained as couples spend hours in the shower. With that said, turn off the water while being naughty in there, turning it on for body-cleaning purposes only. 

On How to Initiate Sex When All Else Fails 

Seek counseling, and if you can, do not go alone. It means finding a therapist to get you in tune with yourself while learning how to create a symbiosis with your spouse. Use porn movies, not the most extreme ones, and sporadically watch these with your partner. Finding out what turns them on is important, and communication barriers can be a hindrance. Make time to read through erotic stories to initiate lovemaking with her, and try sexting too.

Everything good doesn’t have to end; it simply needs resurrection and revitalizing. Find time to keep things spiced up in your marriage instead of seeking remedies when the dirt hits the fan. Keep your sex life vitalized using fun and subtle ways to bring out the best in him and that sassy queen in her.

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