How to Boost Libido in Woman – Easy and Affordable Means

how to boost libido in woman

First off, everything we eat and ingest (drinks, smoke, air) leads to health complications. It is no secret that what we eat can lead to higher or lower sex drives. For instance, some people have fetishes linked to food, whereby they call an aphrodisiac. You can eat a cake and have your libido shoot to the moon or eat vegetables and feel disgusted for sexual activities for several days. Essentially, when sex becomes a chore, something comes in between your sex life, you, and your partner. Concerning how to increase sex drive in women, you can seek feisty women on the best sites for local wife dating. Alternatively, changes in lifestyle choices can help with sex drives, especially if one indulges a tad too much. With that said, here are a few remedies tried proven to be worthy, applicable at home. 

Natural Ways to Boost Libido in Women 

The best way to boost sex drive in women (and men) is to communicate. Plenty has been said about men not uttering their grievances, but women can communicate better too. Ask questions regarding intimacy and let your partner answer them slowly but surely. Never pressure your partner into answering such questions; the pressurizing questions could be the reason for her lack of sexual desire. Other natural ways to boost sex drive in women include:

  • Quality time: This time allotted for each other will have to center on intimacy to be productive. You and your woman will spend time getting to know each other’s bodies, but emotional connections might be a start. Some couples find this particularly disconcerting, perhaps even pretentious, but it works if you work it. 
  • Spice things up: Take on unique yet safe sexual positions to spice things up in your sex life and create more intimacy. The same old sex positions cause banality, and sex drive in women hits rock bottom. Spicing things up could be as simple as switching from missionary to doggy style or conventional sex to BDSM and kinks. Either way, both or all parties should be consenting. 
  • Live Stress-free: This is a tough one, to say the least, as living a stress-free life is next to impossible. You can reduce unproductive stresses, perhaps a lifestyle that isn’t suitable, and tweak that lifestyle to suit your needs. Lowering stress levels drastically reduces toxins in your body, which would otherwise lead to lowered libido.
  • Reduce Vices: Without dwelling too much into statistics, all vices lead to lowered sex drive in women. For instance, too much alcohol intake might make you horny, but the libido and estrogen suffer with time. Improving your health in general keeps you fit, and hormones remain active enough for consistent sexual desires. 

Improving Sex Drive in Women – Supplements

When things hit rock bottom and shit hits the fan, you might need to seek professional help. It might come in the form of medication, which can also be debilitating. With that said, certain meds like bremelanotide are used to treat lowered libido in women, be it during menopause or earlier. When the need to increase sex drive in women arises, visit your local specialist for advice on this medication and other boosters. 

Other forms of medicated therapy can include:

  • Estrogen: This is simply adding the natural female hormone for your lady friend to experience more of what she should. It can be used in small doses in the form of pills. When the sex drive in a woman is at the hypoactive stage, estrogen won’t be of any help. 
  • Testosterone: When all else fails, which at times it will, desperate times require desperate measures. This male hormone is sometimes administered in females to increase libido levels. It raises sexual drive but can also lead to excessive hair growth and mood disorders.

Seek Sex Therapy to Increase Sex Drive 

One of the best ways to improve sex drive in women is to talk and find a solution. Remedies found through talking sometimes steer clear of medication, in which case the problem could simply be emotional. Find time to visit help centers boasting professionals, or check out podcasts that can help. Be sure to visit any clinics with your partner and not alone. Anything shared will be confidential, and if your partner isn’t privy, it is a breach of confidentiality. 

It takes subtle changes to increase, build up or improve sex drive in women, even if it’s long since vanished. But, the struggles are worth it when you need to share intimate moments with your partner, but they are not forthcoming. Try the tested and proven methods above to rekindle your sex life instantly. 

Try today and sweet-n-spicy into your sex life tonight.