Follow These Tips If Your Partner Lost Interest in Sex

Romantic Couple

They say curiosity killed the cat, but when someone states, ‘my wife has no desire for sex, what I can do,’ it reeks of desperation and a marriage gone south. That said, you are better off asking questions first in this case, instead of later. It means before seeking sex help elsewhere, find time to get to the root of the problem.

On one of the best sites for local MILF dating, you can find alternative lifestyles and even help a MILF with her ailing marriage and sex life. However, if you simply seek a solution for your current marriage, here’s the first approach to fixing any relationship issues – talk it out with your partner. 

Find Solutions for Sex Issues, not Escapism 

Find the root of the problem first, and then seek out solutions. A wife might find it difficult to state that your member is small or that you cum too quickly. A man, on the other hand, has problems communicating, period. It becomes profoundly more important for quality time to be applied. Take her to your favorite restaurant, then bring up the question perhaps when you are heading home. You can also seek therapy but only with your spouse’s consent. Prevention is always better than cure. Albeit the problem is already there, curbing further problems is better than seeking help elsewhere, only to fall flat on your face. 

  • Try New Positions – Doggy, Missionary, Fetish

The solution could be as easy as switching from the norm to a new approach. Find other ways to have sex, including new positions. The lady you wake up next to every day could still be shy, even if you are the hubby. It is crucial to open communication lines and equally important to spice things up in the bedroom or outdoors. If it feels banal, suggest new positions even if they seem unconventional at first. It might not be a matter of emotional trauma or stress that is making sex a no-go zone. It could be that sex has become boring. Make an attempt at kinky stuff, or take things outdoors and risqué and see how your partner feels about that. Sex should be enjoyed every-which-way.

  • Sex Toys 

Use dildos to spice things up, not because you are inadequate, but simply to liven up the activity. Most females enjoy sex toys because they add risqué feelings and are sometimes deemed as taboo. Anything unconventional and exceptional is likely to be welcomed, as long as it’s presented in a warm, friendly manner. You can use whips, creams, lubes, and other props and turn yourselves into amateur porn artists. The idea is to be more accommodating and new-age, as opposed to dull and mediocre. These toys range in price, depending on quality, and versatility, i.e., analog or digital (electronic). It is a fact (or is it?) that women need more than deep penetration to reach those sought-after climaxes…the mind-blowing ones, yes. So make use of sex toys and stop feeling inadequate.

  • Seek Sex Therapy for Lasting Solutions

Find affordable therapists on the web on podcasts or renowned sites like WebMD or Healthline. You can find all the necessary information to get your libido and hers up and running again. Be sure to pay attention to respected and legit therapists. Not everyone who had a few successes is worth listening to. Keep in mind their success stories might be fake too. Seek out paid therapy in your neighborhood, using a mutual friend who’s used said services before. Also, you can visit online webcasts and podcasts for further information. 

  • Sex Stories and Movies

Perhaps some porn might help get things fired up, or reading sex stories could spice it up too. Ever thought of becoming a throuple? It is when you find a bisexual girl, willing to please you or your wife simply for physical gratification. You can find the third addition for your current relationship on most new-age websites. Most of these girls are respectable and looking only for physical encounters thus, and you need not worry about them getting emotionally attached to you (man) or your wife.

That lady you’ve enjoyed having in your life needs a little dash of uniqueness in her everyday life for her love to remain alive. It is all possible with a few tweaks on how you present yourselves to yourselves. It means sex cannot simply be a wham-bam-than-you-ma’am type of situation. Spice things up using sexy toys and a little conversation for longer-lasting sexcapades.

Try today and add sugar and spice to your current relationship today.