Know What a Woman Experiences During Sex

woman experiences during sex

If you just love everything about lovemaking, you are certainly not alone. Scientists and relationship experts know that sex is a highly pleasurable experience for most women, but they constantly look for better explanations for exactly why it feels so good. How does sex feel for a woman? Well, the answer may vary from woman to woman and their preferences. 

How Does Sex Feel for a Woman?

Most women will only have nice things to say about the act. For them, the best feeling is associated with the fullness and warmth they experience during lovemaking. Others would say that sex feels great but only when they are in the mood, which brings about a satisfaction that cannot be compared with anything else. So many women also say that when they do not have sex for long, it feels like an itch they cannot scratch. They feel horny, and the feeling of being filled up during penetrative sex makes them feel relaxed and happy. When a woman is particularly turned on, it feels that all they need is vaginal sex – and a finger or a toy would never give them the filling sensation they usually get with a partner. 

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Understanding the Phases

If you ask women how they feel during sex, most will agree that it is like electricity running through their bodies. It is especially true during the first moments of touching. Your heart rate goes up, you have goosebumps and tingles down your spine, and eventually, it feels very warm and relaxing. What it means is that it works in different phases. For instance:

  • Excitement: When a woman is with the right man, she starts to feel horny with anticipation. During this phase, a woman usually has increased muscle tension with increased breathing and heart rate. Other signs include flushed skin, erect nipples, and increased moistness in the vagina due to an increased blood flow to the genitals. 
  • Orgasm: After a woman gets excited, she becomes very responsive to every touch. And then, she moves slowly to an orgasm. During this phase, the intensity of heart rate, blood pressure, and breathing is at the highest. Some women may even experience muscle spasms followed by a powerful release of sexual tension. The feeling of rhythmic contractions in the uterus and the vaginal muscles makes a woman feel out of this world. Amazingly, unlike men, women can enjoy several orgasms during the act through continued sexual stimulation.
  • Relaxation: After the act, the body slowly returns to normal, with the heart rate coming down and erect/swollen body parts returning to their normal color and size. All she is left with is an increased sense of intimacy, well-being, and often, fatigue.

Tips to Make Sex More Pleasurable for Women

Most women enjoy sex, but those who want to improve can benefit from following specific tips. For instance:

  • Do not follow any stereotypes and never believe any myths until you have tried them. Sometimes, the barriers to enjoyable sex are not toys, skills, or attractiveness, but your preconceived notions about sex can make it less pleasurable. Talk to your partner before the act, have a deep conversation, and then take the plunge.
  • Do not shy away from trying what makes you feel happy. Do not automatically assume that your satisfaction is your partner’s responsibility. Introduce sex toys and try masturbation to spice up your sex session. Share your thoughts with your partner so they can make it a more pleasurable sexual experience for you.
  • Be natural, and do not force yourself to act like a porn performer. They are actors, and your sex life is not going to look like a porn performance. Do not compare your sex experience to emotions you witness in porn performances, and you will notice the satisfaction level go up quickly.

The fact of the matter is that just like men, women enjoy sex as well, but they are often harder to please, mainly because they do not communicate openly with their partners. Talk to your partner, share your thoughts, and even talk about what you like to make sex a pleasurable act.