Things You Should Know before Having Anal Sex

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First off, congratulations on deciding to add some spark into your sex life. If this is the first time, or you’ve wondered why it’s turning out painful, fret no more. Anal sex is one of the most sought-after types of sexual engagements out there, but many fear its consequences, of which they can be many. With that said, if anal sex is carried out in a rough, selfish, and uninformed manner, several bad things can happen. 

  1. Tearing of skin: Roughly performed anal sex leads to tearing the skin or ripping the rectum. It is not as severe as it sounds, and it shouldn’t occur in the first place if anal sex were carried out selflessly. It means if you are the top and are pounding away, tearing and ripping should come as no surprise. After meeting on the best sites for local Asian women dating, this should not be your first encounter. 
  2. Lack of sensitivity: Along with tearing the skin, you might lose sensitivity and experience a lack of interest in all sexual matters. With that said, it might lead to pain for several days, at which point you may need to seek therapy – but it need not get there.

How to Have Painless Anal Sex

Common sense tells you that your butt, or anus, doesn’t get as excited as a vagina. It means there is no natural lubrication that takes place when one of the partners is excited. It also means there needs to be some oiling to get things flowing smoothly. 

  • Lube It up

To make it more enjoyable, there are lubricants specifically for such activities. Many of these oils can be purchased in local pharmacies. In addition to them being readily available, they are common lubricants used in hospitals and homes. It means you can buy them without feeling weird or worrying about what someone thinks of you. Furthermore, if you decide to use lubes, some are better than others. Steer clear of silicone stuff; it does more harm than good. 

If you happen to be using sex toys for these escapades, be sure to use the right ones. Some generic versions are better than what you find in fetish stores. Ideally, as you make sweet anal love to your new fling, be sure to remain well-lubed. It is important to avoid risking infection as well due to tearing of the anus. 

  • Positioning

Anal sex, unlike conventional sexual positions, requires finesse. If you aren’t doing it right, rest assured pain is in order. There will be blood and possibly damage done to the rectum. The perfect anal sex situation requires timely insertion and removal. Whamming it like you would in vaginal sex makes it profoundly more irritating and damaging. When the bottom, who is the receiver, isn’t receiving any pleasure, it is a clear sign you are doing it wrong.

Try switching positions to ensure maximum ease of insertion and limited pain. On that note, never use numbing gels of any sort with anal sex. Pain is there for a reason, as it lets you know something is wrong. Allow yourself to feel pain and pleasure during anal sex. It is the difference between regularly enjoying the same and visits to the hospital. 

How to Safely Have Anal Sex 

When in doubt, ask. It is the simplest way to ensure you are doing more good than harm. If the other party isn’t enjoying themselves, they should be able to let you know. Communicate with the receiver and find out if things are okay. The screams you hear may not be pleasure-related. They might be crying out for help relaxing is fundamental to optimal anal sex. Take a warm bubble bath before letting your bum hang loose.

Go through foreplay with your partner before diving right into it. Give your bottom a massage before turning them over and pounding them. It is important to remain as relaxed as possible or risk damaging nerves and feelings. Also, steer clear from practicing what you seek in porn movies. Those are professionals, plus rough on-screen anal sex might be camera effects. 

Make an effort to learn how to have anal sex safely with your partner that it might become more than a one-time affair. Several partners are enjoying themselves after meeting on the best dating sites the internet has to offer. You don’t want to disappoint your newfound partner with hospital visits rather, and house calls should suffice.

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