What Makes Sex Dreams Special and How to Have One?

sex dreams

While returning home after an arduous day at work, all you can think of is food followed by a good snooze. It is quite natural, actually, and no one would blame you for looking for a way to relax and recharge your batteries after giving your best at work. And the relaxation gets better when you end up having a fantastic sex dream. It allows you to make love to someone you find fascinating without hurting anyone’s feelings. And that is why you wake up feeling extremely happy, and it also makes you wonder how to have sex dreams more often to feel better.

You experience sex dreams during a sleeping phase called the “Rapid Eye Movement (REM) sleep. In the case of sex dreams, you are likely to have them more often when you are sexually deprived. In other words, your dream is more of an expression of your subconscious mind. If you spend most of your weekend exploring the best sites for local wife dating with the hope of finding a sexual partner, you are likely to engage in the act while asleep. Your brain tries to use this trick to “de-stress” your system and make you feel good about yourself.

Considering this, you may want to do anything to have sex dreams and subconsciously vent your suppressed emotions. When you talk about how to have lucid sex dreams, there is no guarantee that a particular trick or routine would make it happen every day, but specific tips can surely turn the odds in your favor.

Relax Yourself First

Learning to relax your body before going to sleep is the key to success here. Engage in regular exercise and practice good sleep hygiene to help your body unwind. Similarly, you should make a conscious effort to avoid situations that annoy you, especially before going to bed. Staying away from gadgets is just part of this strategy because it helps create the right mood. You also want to sleep on your stomach because it is likely to prompt lucid sex dreams.

Learn to Anticipate

To learn how to have sex dreams, you should know and practice how to anticipate. In this case, you will have to learn how to plan your fantasy. Positive self-suggestion of the activities you want to enjoy in your dream will help. Do it a few times a day.

Look for Inspiration

If you fancy someone at a workplace or anywhere, admire them. Think sexy thoughts because, ultimately, your dreams are the reflection of your thoughts. Thinking about making love to someone you can see in real can easily translate into having a lucid sex dream at night. The trick is to stay busy during the day but constantly remind yourself of the topic. Stay away from masturbation for as long as you can, or you will not achieve your goal. 

Use the Power of Visualization

Visualization is a solid tactic to help you achieve anything you want. It motivates you and sets the right mood. You may benefit a lot by picturing your “perfect” sex dream during the day. Try the same while going to sleep. Make it seem natural, and you will make it happen when you eventually go to sleep. For better results, you may want to play a little with what props you have. Experiment a little with candles, mood lighting, vibrator, sexy music, etc. You need to do it, hoping that your body will identify those physical cues and use them to create a perfect scenario.

Keep a Journal

Keeping a journal and writing your dream as soon as you wake up will help immensely achieve your lucid sex dream more often. Experts believe that so many people say they do not dream, but even they end up writing a bit about what they witness from the night before. The thing is that you forget about most of your dreams in the morning because your brain is so smart to dump that info – and sometimes does it within minutes after you wake up. Therefore, it is essential to act fast and write it down. Then, analyze it and visualize the same situation the next evening, and hope for the best. Rehearsing the same thing night after night will eventually help you identify what works and what does not.

Thinking and dreaming about sex is very normal, but not everyone can control their dream life and have erotic dreams. You can certainly learn new techniques and experiment a little to see how everything works. Be persistent and know that actively trying those techniques would also help you explore your sexuality better, even if you do not end up having sex dreams every night.