Wonder What Thoughts Do Men Have about Sex

Romantic Couple

Men cannot get enough when it comes to having sex. If you ask about their experience while engaging in penetrative sex, most of them will rate it from feeling good to feeling freaking amazing. Interestingly, having an active love life gives a guy all the energy he needs to achieve everything in life. The hormonal energy gives him aggression and the drive to excel in everything he does. When enticed by a sexual reward, he works extra hard to achieve his goal. But, what does sex feel like for a guy in general?

The most fascinating thing about sex is that it means something entirely different to different people. For some, there is nothing like oral sex in the world. For others, penetrative sex is something that puts them on cloud nine. And there are so many guys who get a huge turn-on when they engage in foreplay or simply spend time on the best sites for local MILF dating. To them, webcam chats and sexting is the ultimate way to explore their sexuality.

For some guys, sex craving resembles a craving for chocolates and anything that releases the “feel-good” hormone. But, different types of sex may mean different things to guys. 

  • Most Men Feel Great about Oral Sex

When it comes to oral fun, you would hardly find a guy who is not down for it all the time. Most folks would attest that life takes a 360-degree turn when they move from masturbation to oral. Even when the oral you are getting is not the finest in the world, it is still better than masturbation. The use of the lips, tongue, hands, and suction makes you witness 20 different sensations simultaneously.

  • Men are Just in Love with Penetrative Sex

Oral is most men’s favorite, but penetrative sex – vaginal in particular – is something even better. Depending on your sexual orientation, you may not enjoy vaginal intercourse as much and be more interested in anal encounters instead. What does anal sex feel like for men? It may not be a lot of fun for straight folks, but again, it depends on what really turns you on. It is worth mentioning that anal sex is considered taboo makes it a lot more desirable to couples. It may be pleasing to engage in anal sex, but what makes it more remarkable is the level of trust given by the person on the receiving end.

For most straight fellas, though, vaginal intercourse is an out-of-the-world experience, and it feels as if you are now complete. Thrusting through those ridges and bumps inside a vagina gives you the joy of your life. With a change in position, there will also be a change in the feeling. With a shift in position, the angle of penetration changes and it feels incredible for both men and women.

  • Myths about Men and Sex

While men like lovemaking, so much misinformation is circulating regarding what men feel and think about mating. Most of these myths are based on extremes. For instance:

  • Men do not want sex all the time. Yes, they think about it most of the time, but not all the time. It is next to impossible for so many guys to say no to guaranteed sex because it may be considered “unmanly.” They do not want women to think there is something “wrong.”
  • Men are always more confident about sex because it is on their minds always. That is not true because so many men are often racked with self-doubt and are constantly looking for a way to push away feelings of inadequacy. They usually try to cover up obnoxious bravado to be in control.
  • Men show their power and dominance during the act. It may not be true – or partially true – because men control the situation so the women could lose them in the ocean of ecstasy. So, you see, it is not always a bad thing, is it?

Sex may trigger different levels of happiness depending on the past experience of a guy, but most of them are ready to experiment and make it better for both parties involved. Just beware of the myths and enjoy the act!